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American Rescue Plan funding

ARPA funds received
8/4/2021ARPA distribution$2,121,810.29
3/10/2022ARPA distribution$8,031.39
8/16/2022ARPA distribution$2,129,841.68
Total money received$4,259,683.36

ARPA funds spent
DatePurchase Order #VendorDepartmentDescriptionExpenseAuthorizedRemaining Balance
12/15/2022Walsh & KellyTC96th Road Extension Pay Request 9$34,075.5112/14/2022
12/15/2022MilestoneTC85th Ave Final Payout$27,897.1810/26/2022
1/6/2023MilestoneTC85th Ave Pay Request 1$234,539.3510/26/2022
1342Thomas DodgePD2023 Dodge Durango$42,176.001/25/2023
1343Thomas DodgePD2023 Dodge Durango$42,176.001/25/2023
1344Webb FordPD2023 Ford Interceptor SUV$45,537.001/25/2023
1345Webb FordPD2023 Ford Interceptor SUV$45,537.001/25/2023
1340Eagle UniformsPDUniform Package-Ryan Boss Unit 40$1,180.751/25/2023
1339HECCPDInstallation of LPR's$16,576.001/25/2023
1408Axon EnterprisePDTasers w/Cartridges, Handles, Holsters, Battery Packs (2)$2,934.282/22/2023
1407Rock River ArmsPDLE Enhanced CAR A4 SBR 10.5" Long Guns (2)$1,930.002/22/2023
1405Vigilant SolutionsPDLPR Cameras$29,715.002/22/2023
1373Eagle UniformsPDDuty Belt w/Belt Liner, Ballistic Belt Keepers - Ryan Boss Unit 40$90.501/25/2023
1412Motorola SolutionsPDAPX N50 Portable Radio Package$10,564.242/22/2023
1409Kiesler Police SupplyPDGlock Pistols (2) - Units 40 & 41$987.002/22/2023
3/22/20231398Bosak FordTCChevrolet Traverse SUV$32,260.002/22/2023
3/22/20231399Bosak FordBPPick-Up Truck with Cab$27,985.002/22/2023
Ray O'HerronPDCampaign Hats Invoice 1 of 2 - Units 40 & 41$59.951/25/2023
1414St. John the EvangelistTCAcquisition of Right of Way$309,600.002/22/2023
1397Ray O'HerronPDCampaign Hats for Boss & Studer$328.301/25/2023
1410Eagle UniformsPDUniform Package-Studer Unit 41$1,258.251/25/2023
1411Ray O'HerronPDRazor Vest for Boss and Studer$1,626.491/25/2023

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