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Moving Ordinance Citations 511

Traffic Citation Information for the Town of St. John For MOVING VIOLATIONS Please allow seven (7) business days for your citation to be entered into the Lake County Online Docket. There are three (3) options for handling this Traffic Citation.

Option #1 - INFRACTION DEFERRAL PROGRAM - Available for St. John Ordinance #511 Only - If you are eligible for the Deferral Program, you have thirty (30) days from the issue date of your ticket to register for the program. If you are eligible for the program, your ticket will be marked “IDP” at the bottom left in the “Court” section. If you are eligible but do not register for the program within thirty (30) days, your ticket will be sent to Lake County Superior Court and you will be issued a Notice to Appear. Upon successful completion of the agreement term of six (6) months, and provided all of the requirements are met, your ticket will be dismissed. There are three ways to register for the program if you are eligible. The amount of the deferral program is $192.50 regardless of the method used to register.
1. You can register online at https://public.courts.in.gov/pay with a credit card (a processing fee will be charged).
2. You can register in person at the Lake County Traffic Clerk located in the Lake County Government Complex at 2293 North Main Street in Crown Point. Payments made in person can be made by money order or cash.
3. You can register by mail. Complete the Deferral Agreement form ( FORM DOWNLOAD) and mail it with a money order in the amount of $192.50 payable to “LAKE COUNTY TRAFFIC CLERK”, to: LAKE COUNTY TRAFFIC CLERK 2293 N MAIN ST CROWN POINT, IN 46307

By registering for the program and signing the ORDINANCE Deferral Agreement form, you are agreeing:
1. To not commit any traffic violations or criminal traffic offenses for a period of six (6) months from the date the agreement is signed,
2. Pay the NON-REFUNDABLE Deferral Agreement fee of $192.50
3. That the current ticket is not associated with an accident or criminal charges,
4. That you have not been issued a moving traffic violation within the last year in any state, and
5. That you are not being charged with a speeding offense in excess of (30) miles per hour over the speed limit.

If you get another ticket during the six (6) month period or if you fail to meet any of the requirements of the agreement, the Deferral Agreement will be considered null and void, your ticket will be referred to the Lake County Traffic Clerk for disposition and the deferral fee will not be refunded.

Option #2 - PLEAD GUILTY - PAY THE FINE - Fines for Moving Violations are $182.00 and must be paid to the Lake County Traffic Clerk. Personal Checks are not accepted by Lake County. The Lake County Traffic Clerk’s office is able and prefers, to accept credit card payments online. This is a guilty plea and will be forwarded to the appropriate licensing bureau.
ONLINE: You may pay the ticket with a credit card online (a processing fee will be charged) at https://public.courts.in.gov/pay
BY MAIL: Mail your MONEY ORDER made payable to “LAKE COUNTY TRAFFIC CLERK”, along with a copy of your ticket, to: LAKE COUNTY TRAFFIC CLERK 2293 N MAIN ST CROWN POINT, IN 46307
IN PERSON: At the Lake County Traffic Clerk 2293 N. Main St. Crown Point, IN 46307 Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Phone 219-755-3620 Payments made in person can be made by money order or cash.
Option #3 - APPEAR IN COURT - If you choose not to pay the fine or sign the Infraction Deferral Agreement within the allotted thirty (30) days, you will be issued a Notice to Appear in Court. The Court will send you a Notice, via mail, stating the location, date, and time of your appearance in Traffic Court. You may plead “guilty” and pay the fine, or plead “not guilty.” If you plead “not guilty,” you will be assigned a court date.

QUESTIONS? Call the St. John Police Department Records Division at (219) 365-6032 or the Lake County Traffic Court at (219) 755-3620.

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