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Training Site

The St. John Fire Department has one Fire Related Training and one EMS training per month. Trainings are on Monday Evenings at 6:30PM.
The training site consists of a two-story burn/smoke building, a drill tower, a railroad tank car, a propane tank, a burn pan, a drafting tank, semi-trailers, and a lighted paved area for staging equipment. The two-story burn/smoke building is used to train with air packs, do search and rescue, and work with fire streams. The building is masonry construction and fires can be set on both stories. A state of the art ventilation system can be remotely triggered and completely ventilate the structure in 15 seconds! An actual rail tank car sits on a section of track. This car is used for hazardous material training concerning rail procedures. An actual propane tank is also on the site. This tank can be rigged with simulated leaks for personnel to plug. The drill tower reaches nearly four stories into the sky. This structure is used for ropes, ladders, rescue, snorkel, and fire stream training.
There is also a burn pan where petroleum based fires can be set, studied, experimented with, and then extinguished. A confined space rescue area and drafting tank completes the high points of the site. Presently the department is concentrating its efforts on completing a storage/classroom building. This structure will provide an area where fire companies can group and train. This structure will also provide needed storage space for support material for the training site.
towerThe training site has become a fire department and community activity. It is impossible to single out one person for accolades, since the project is a group effort. However, there are some persons who were instrumental in making the idea into reality; Mike Muenich, James Buchanan, Dewey Snow and Frank Schilling. Other major contributors to the training site include Hardesty Engineering, Purdue University Engineering, East Chicago Park Department, Duane Gettler of Gettler Electrical, and Harold Muenich.
The training site is located at the end of Industrial Drive, South of Joliet Street in St. John, Indiana. The facility is available for training by any fire department. The visiting department must have proper insurance, follow accepted protocols, and replenish or reimburse St. John for consumed items. The training site is administered by the St. John Fire Department, 11033 W. 93rd Ave, St. John, IN 46373. (219) 365-6034.
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