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St John Fire Vehicles

The mission of the St. John Fire Department is to preserve life and property in case of fire and/or other emergencies, to promote the prevention of fire or other emergencies through fire safety education and the enforcement of relevant ordinances and/or laws, to provide emergency medical services, hazardous material operations, and rescue operations.

The. St. John Fire Department is a well-trained, highly motivated team of public servants. Each member represents the "best there is" regarding aggressive, disciplined, competent personnel. The members have, for many years, been recognized throughout the community for their energy and commitment to those in need. The members have built and shared a tradition of quality and excellence with every citizen in St John and the surrounding area. The St. John Fire Department also enjoys a solid working relationship with the neighboring fire departments that offer and receive mutual aid when needed.
The St. John Fire Department stays ready and prepared to answer the call of public safety every minute of every day. There is no greater challenge to face. The rewards can be found with the successful results of that challenge.

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