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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officers responsibility is to ensure compliance with the Codes and Ordinances adopted by the Town of St. John for the safety and best interest of our residents.

October 1st is the date listed in Town Ordinance 1610 regarding the elimination of RV’s, Boats and Trailers from residents driveways. By definition a Trailer is an unpowered vehicle towed by another. RV’s, Boats & Trailers can be stored on a setback side drive (solid surface consisting of concrete, solid pavers or asphalt that is set back a minimum of 3’ from property lines. Gravel does not qualify as a solid surface) or in a rear yard when a solid drive leads from the front to rear of property. Please contact the police department, (219) 365-6032 for temporary extensions.

If you have curbs your leaves are to be piled in YOUR PARKWAY NOT IN THE STREET FOR PICKUP.

Only non-curbed residents should carefully pile the leaves into the street at the point where it meets their lawn.

Residents please adhere to this simple instruction to assist our PW crews in the removal of leaves and twigs expediently. Leaves pushed into the street create slippery surfaces for motorized vehicles. Excess leaves & twigs left in the street can also clog Storm water drains which contribute to pooling or flooding of rainwater.

Message from Code Enforcement to Developers
Message from Code Enforcement to Residents

For Developers

Our Code Enforcement Officer is advising all builders to check your job site for:

  • correct installation and condition of your run off & containment controls. THIS INCLUDES infringing onto a neighboring lot and disturbing the ground conditions for your material deliveries. You are responsible for that disturbance.
  • concrete washout bin
  • job site tidiness at the end of each day, including surrounding lots where plastic, boxes etc. blow on windy days
  • dirt n debris being dragged onto the roadways and not cleaned up the same day or if needed immediately from site exit
  • dumpster controls/overflowing
  • port a potty location and proper clean out
  • ENSURE YOUR CONTRACTORS are registered in town for 2020.

Corrective action on your part will prevent citations with monetary fines. Everyone has had a full year to become well versed and educated on what the Town of St. John adheres to for compliance. No further exemptions of compliance negligence will be accepted.

Previous emails also contained information regarding the posting of signs advertising your properties within the town limits. After 4:00pm on Fridays, picked back up by 6:00pm on Sundays. PLEASE COMPLY.

1. The Town will enforce MS4 & SWPPP standards as we are part of the US Waterway protection program.

2. SWPPP documents should be posted at the entrance of developments that fall under such jurisdiction. All construction entrances should meet at the very least the minimum standards in regards to entry & exit routes, petroleum based storage/disposal, atmospheric dust and water runoff.

3. Maintain the MS4 protection around the perimeter of your job site. If you are not familiar with the MS4 program make time to research it promptly. You as the Developer or GC are responsible regardless of who moves, runs over or forgets to re set MS4 protection. Small slight patches of vegetation are not a substitute for not installing approved products enabling developers to properly protect water runoff. Don’t forget to use MS4 around piles of soil too.

4. Trash. Clean up your site. Leftover materials scattered across a lot and in the street create problems with existing homeowners. Smash trash into dumpsters and have them emptied before they overflow. You may not live on X block but someone else does!

5. MUD. Make sure the roads are scrapped clean each day. Again the Developer and G.C. will be held responsible for a lack of attentive nature on their job site.

6. All contractors working within the Town of St. John IN must be registered, insured and bonded for 2024 with the Clerk’s office PRIOR to performing any type of work. This includes lawn care & swimming pool contractors.

7. Music volume and foul language need to be kept in check. Especially in established areas. Also, utilize the port-a-potty not the side of a building or vehicle when nature calls!


Please feel free to reach out to the above number if you have any questions or concerns.

Town of St. John IN Code Enforcement


For Residents

1. Mow your grass and maintain landscape. Grass and vegetation cannot exceed 9 inches in length. Keep landscape trimmed back and neat.

2. Pools need to be chemically maintained and have the proper fencing and or decking installed. If you are not sure what is required please see our website or call the number listed above. We are happy to provide Pool check lists.

3. Abandoned or damaged pools are to be repaired or taken down promptly. These pools attract rodents and disease bearing insects. This is critical especially with the mosquito population enjoying those nesting spots. This falls under the Public Nuisance outline.

4. Clean up after your pets and don’t let your dog serenade your neighbors.

5. Please don’t allow debris to accumulate outside of your home. Repair broken window, gutters, exterior doors, sheds, decks, outdoor lighting. Put away or properly dispose of yard tools, mowers, tractors, storage bins, appliances, furniture, motor vehicles parts, and basketball hoops.

6. Vehicles are to be operational and with a current year registration tag. Putting a tarp on a vehicle doesn’t make it operational or invisible! This includes boats & RV’s. Non-compliant or untagged vehicles are not to be stored on residential property unless they are stored inside.

7. NO ELECTRONICS will be picked up by trash service.

8. Burning of garbage, treated wood, cardboard, leaves and yard waste in not permitted in the Town of St. John. A controlled burn fire pit with proper screening is allowed as long as it does not impede on neighboring properties air quality.

9. Be considerate of your neighbors when enjoying music and socializing outdoors. 10:00 p.m. is the noise cutoff time. Sometimes just turning down the volume of people and music keeps everyone happy!

10. MAINTAIN YOUR PROPERTY. Remember that our homes are one of the largest investments you and your neighbors will invest in. Everyone benefits when our Town showcases well.

Town of St. John Code Enforcement

Town of St. John Code Enforcement

10955 W. 93rd Avenue
St. John, IN 46373
Phone: (219) 365-6465 option 5 then 2
Email: Code Enforcement

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