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American Rescue Plan funding

Dear Residents,

The Town of St. John is requesting resident’s input on the American Rescue Plan funding for various activities proposed by the Town of St. John. The list below is a listing of items for consideration by the Town.

You are asked to weigh in and give your feedback regarding these projects and items being considered. The Town of St. John was awarded $4.2 million and is preparing our plan on how we will move forward in allocating and appropriating these funds.

You can give your input by sending your email to ARPA@stjohnin.gov. You may also give your feedback to the Town Council at public meetings. There will be a Special Study Session on July 27, 2022 at 6:30pm where you can also give feedback. A public hearing will be scheduled before any funds are appropriated and approved by the Town Council.

Thank you for your consideration:

Police Department
2 Additional Squads & Outfit$60,000
2 Portable and 1 Mobile Radio$7,330
New Officers Expense for ARPA$315,369$127,797$131,453
Building Shared Expense (Public Safety) $120,000 see Fire Building Const Cost
Axon 50 Taser Cartridges$2,000
LPR 3 locations$41,475
TOTAL POLICE$805,424includes above

Fire Department
Gear: 60 Structural complaint, 25 EMS Gears included$378,856
Building Construction Cost$400,000 CRITICALLY IMPORTANT NEED!
New Hire (2023)$105,000
New Hire (2025)$157,500
Insurance New Hire$17,231
New Hire Equipment$7,000
Conference Room Upgrade$8,000
4 radios$20,0000
Tablet Update$8,000
Ballistic Vests & Gear for 10$15,000
Training Site Updates$100,000

Pickle Ball & Tennis Court- Gates East$378,856
Washroom/Pavilion At Gates Park$200,000
Repave Walking Paths Settlers Ct40,800

Not For Profit
Safety Village Annual Contribution 2023$35,000
Lake Central Education Foundation$2,500
Dollars for Scholars- Lake Central1,500
Dollars for Scholars- Hanover Twsph1,500
St. John Vol. Fire Dept- Training Site30,000
TOTAL NFP-501c3s$70,500

Information Technology, Building and Planning, and Admin Departments:
equipment 20232024
6 High Wind Tornado Sirens$275,000
Electrical Work Needed @ ea site$6,000
PD Server Replacement$75,000
Master Clock System$55,000
Building and Planning Software/Hardware350,000
BP 2 New Ford Maverick Trucks50,000
Admin 1 New Ford Explorer45,000
Town-wide Software/Hardware upgrades 333,333333,333

Public Works Projects:
Joliet Street Bridge Expansion$200,000C/N Use Road Impact
Joliet Street Bridge Replacement$600,000
Oakwood Drive Stormwater$715,000
Repave 93 (Marquette to Clarmonte Dr.)-NOTE: Use Reimbursement from LC and Schererville $180k
Repave 93 (Marquette to Blaine)$226,649NOTE: Use Reimbursement from LC and Schererville using balance
2 Dump Trucks for Plowing & Salt$480,000
Salt Barn $250,000
85th Avenue (Alexander to Lake Hills)$688,000this is likely to go higher

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